Spring Espresso is very proud to be associated with Square Mile Coffee Roasters.

Square Mile was founded by James Hoffman, World Barista Champion 2007 and Annette Moldvaer World Cupping Champion 2007 and as ‘Square Mile’ roast some of the very best high altitude arabica coffee from around the world, providing seasonal espresso coffee as an ever changing blend like their famous Redbrick or Sweetshop, or single origin espresso coffee like the current seasons  Bella Carmona from Guatemala.

In addition to this here at Spring Espresso we always offer at least three brewed coffees from Square Mile  via Hario V-60 or Aeropress,  like the current seasons Herbazu from Costa Rica.

Consistent quality is what we strive for in everything we do at Spring Espresso and Square Mile are the epitome of this.

Square Mile Coffee is available to purchase in 350g retail bags for you to take home and enjoy

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