Kilimanjaro is here!

FINCAKILIINSTA_largeOctober sees the welcome return of coffee from one of our favourite farms Aida Batlle’s Kilimanjaro farm  in El Salvador.  This farm has a long standing relationship with Square Mile and through this loyal relationship Aida Battle is able to produce some very special coffee, and whats is also rare amongst many producers she processes the coffee cherry three different ways.  Natural, Pulp Natural and Washed.

Here is what Square Mile Coffee have to say about this wonderful crop.




Country EL SALVADOR / Region SANTA ANA / Varieties BOURBON, KENYA / Altitude 1600-1700 MASL / Harvest JAN-MAR / Landed SEPTEMBER

Once again we are thrilled to present you with the coffees from one of our longest standing producer relationships: the Kilimanjaro coffees from Aida Batlle. Aida is one of the most innovative producers we work with, and for a limited time only we’ll be presenting the various techniques she applies to her coffees in one box


Flavour notes


Cherries are picked and hand sorted for ripes and unripes. Cherries are then laid in the sunshine intact and manually turned to prevent over fermentation. The dried fruit skin and flesh is then removed during the hulling process.


Flavour notes


During this process, cherries are picked and sorted in floatation tanks with the unripes floating to the top. Some skin and mucilage is removed from the coffee cherry, leaving the fruity flesh intact during the drying process.


Flavour notes


Cherries are picked and sorted in floatation tanks with the unripe cherries floating to the top. Some skin and mucilage removed they’re then moved into fermentation tanks to remove remaining flesh. Finally they’re washed clean with waterand dried.


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