Spring Espresso’s Synesso Hydra


SynessoHydraSpring Espresso make coffee on one of the world most highly regarded and unique espresso coffee machines, the Synesso Hydra.  Each Synesso is hand built in Seattle and shipped across to the UK for installation.

here is what Synesso have to say about the Hydra:-

As part of the evolution of specialty coffee, baristas around the world wanted the ability to alter espresso extraction parameters to suit different coffees at any given time.  Synesso listened.  The Hydra was developed to experiment with and explore the role that pressure plays in espresso extraction.  Mark Barnett, Synesso’s designer & founder,  realized that to really engage with various pressure profiles,  groups that operated with even more autonomy from one another would be required.  He took the popular Cyncra  and redesigned the water inlet system, adding additional parts and associated controls, so a three group machine could operate as three separate one group systems.  The end result, our Hydra,   includes individual brew tanks as well as individual pumps and motors per group.  This adds the ability to simultaneously preinfuse, while maintaining individual pressure control .  If you are looking for uninterrupted pressure on every group, in the highest volume environment, you have found it in the Hydra.

Spring espresso’s Hydra was installed installed in October 2013 by the guys from Square Mile.  The installation includes not just a normal water filter but a water softener via a magnesium filter.  To monitor the hardness of the water into the Hydra, Spring Espresso monitor this via an inline TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter, and if it exceeds tolerance we know it is time to replace the magnesium filter.

Synesso Controller


Control is everything!

Spring Espresso’s Hydra is totally controllable with input via a key pad remote that allows us to adjust indivdual group head temp and boiler temp amongst a whole host of things.  With this kind of control on how coffee is brewed we can bring the best of what seasonal coffee has to offer straight into your cup.

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